Graduate Services Assistants (GSAs)* and  Research Assistants (RAs)* have professional responsibilities in UNT’s four libraries. The program is open to full-time Master’s, Doctoral, and Certificate of Advanced Studies (post-Masters) students in a variety of majors.

Types of Appointments

Regular Assistantships

We offer rewarding experience working directly with library users or behind-the-scenes to meet the information needs of our community. Positions are salaried, half-time appointments with nine-month contracts providing stipends and benefits. Most graduate assistants begin work in the fall and are contractually obligated to complete 732 work hours by May 31 of the academic year. However, some positions open later in the school year and therefore bear a reduced stipend and require fewer hours to complete. Salaries are set according to the pay scale developed by the Provost's office. The compensation plan rewards students for advancing toward completion of their degrees.

Dependent upon funding, summer appointments may be available. Summer appointments are non-salaried, half-time appointments paid at an hourly rate with limited benefits eligibility.

Grant-funded​ Assistantships

We offer exciting opportunities to participate in research, administration, software development, writing, or other specialized activities related to fulfillment of grant requirements. Positions are usually salaried, half-time appointments providing stipends and benefits. Duration of employment and required skills will vary with each grant. Salaries are set according to the pay scale developed by the Provost's office. The compensation plan rewards students for advancing toward completion of their degrees.


  • Tuition benefit. Fall/Spring tuition support of up to six hours may be provided to students in .5 FTE graduate assistantship positions.  Learn more at the Toulouse Graduate School's Assistantship Benefits page.
  • Insurance coverage. Graduate students in half-time, benefits eligible assistantship positions have several options for their health insurance needs. Learn more at the Toulouse Graduate School's Assistantship Insurance Options page. It is your responsibility to sign up for insurance.  Be sure to note the application deadline and effective date for the insurance you select.   
  • Practicum waiver.  Work as a GSA/RA may qualify library and information science students for a waiver of the field experience (practicum) requirement.
  • Other benefits. Please visit the Toulouse Graduate School's Assistantship Benefits page to discover the full range of benefits that may be available to you.

During periods of summer hourly employment, benefits eligibility may be limited:

  • The tuition benefit is not available to summer hourly assistants.
  • Continuing GSAs/RAs enrolled in the state employee insurance plan (ERS) can maintain insurance coverage through the premium reserve program.
  • GSAs/RAs who begin employment in the summer are not eligible for the state employee insurance plan (ERS) benefits during the summer.

Typical Assignments

Depending upon current openings, a variety of assignments may be available to you. Some examples are:

  • Administrative support
  • Archival processing
  • Cataloging
  • Database maintenance
  • Digital curation
  • Digitization
  • Instruction
  • Preparation of curriculum guides
  • Preservation of library materials
  • Reference services
  • Research and assessment
  • Software development
  • Web site maintenance

Work Schedules

Work schedules vary according to assignment. See individual position descriptions for details.

Available Positions

Please see the main jobs page for a list of currently available positions.

Application Process for Graduate Assistantships

To participate in the Libraries' graduate assistant program, you must be a full-time graduate student. We welcome a variety of majors into the program, but some jobs may require specific subject specialties. See individual position descriptions for additional required qualifications or training. You may apply for as many positions as you wish.


First, apply to the Libraries' graduate assistant program by providing the following documents.  Submit these documents only once.  We will keep them on file. 

  • Your resume
  • Unofficial transcript
  • A list of three professional references, which includes contact name, phone number and email address

If you wish to claim veteran's preference, you should also submit a Veterans Self-Identification form along with applicable documentation such as your DD214.  For veteran's forms please go to the "Veterans Self-Identification Reports" page.

Then, for each position that interests you, submit:

  • A cover letter describing your qualifications. Write one letter for each position. Clearly state the position title in each letter.
  • Any additional required application materials listed in the specific job descriptions.

After all required documents are received, the application packet will be submitted to the hiring manager.

How to Submit

Required Item Format Submission Method
Unofficial Transcript Electronic E-mail*
List of Three References Electronic E-mail*
Resume Electronic E-mail*
Veteran's Preference Materials (if any) Electronic E-mail*
Cover Letter(s) Electronic E-mail*
Position-specific Materials (if any) Electronic E-mail*

*Your e-mail must include the title of the position and the phrase "GSA/RA A​pplication 2018-2019" in the subject line.

Submission Address

Email application materials to: