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Yes. We are happy to include work created by current UNT authors, even if it was completed before they came to UNT. This assists authors by providing one, centralized digital repository where all of the research and scholarship over their career can be archived and preserved.

Yes. An Author Addendum is a legal instrument that can be added to a publishing agreement in order to allow an author to retain certain rights to their work. The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) website provides information for authors on securing their rights and provides an Addendum to Publication Agreement that authors can download and include as a supplement to their publishing contract. For questions or more information, e-mail us.

You submit your items to the repository, most commonly via email, and include as much or as little additional information as you would like. We normalize the file formats for archiving, write a descriptive metadata record for each item, and email you once your items have been uploaded to UNT Scholarly Works. For complete submission information, see the Submissions page.

On March 9, 2011, the UNT Faculty Senate voted to adopt an Open Access Policy which relates specifically to peer-reviewed journal articles. In addition to housing the peer-reviewed journal articles covered under the UNT Open Access Policy, UNT Scholarly Works offers an outlet for scholars to archive and provide access to all of their research and scholarship, including working papers, presentations, academic posters, artwork - the scholarly output of your discipline. Items in UNT Scholarly Works may be made Open Access (available for public use), or restricted to the UNT Community. Optional levels of licensing are also available for all items. For more information on Open Access and the UNT Open Access Policy, visit the Open Access @ UNT website.

UNT Scholarly Works provides a central, digital archive for all of the research and scholarship of our UNT Community. The repository provides the additional benefits of full-text searching, a permanent and stable URL, viewable usage statistics, visibility on all major search engines, wider dissemination and increased citations. Putting items in the Scholarly Works repository collection also gives you flexibility to make copyrighted or embargoed items searchable and discoverable by the UNT community or other researchers while maintaining access restrictions.

UNT Scholarly Works serves as the UNT Open Access institutional repository. This repository is a special collection housed in the UNT Digital Library. The Scholarly Works repository collection brings together the research and scholarly work of the UNT community. Find out more about UNT Scholarly Works here.

We accept a variety of research and scholarly work including articles (example article), academic posters (example poster), presentations (example presentation), book reviews (example review), book chapters (example chapter), reports (example report), and artwork (example artwork). UNT Scholarly Works serves to showcase all of the valuable research and scholarly output of our university community.

Right now, we are not accepting general student work from class assignments and course-related projects.

UNT faculty and staff are invited to submit their work. UNT students are welcome to submit items that represent professional work including conference materials, published items, or work associated with theses or dissertations.

UNT Scholarly Works is, by default, openly accessible to a worldwide audience. While we do offer options to restrict access to certain materials, we do not encourage it. The goal of UNT Scholarly Works is to provide access to the research and scholarship of our UNT Community to anyone on the World Wide Web with an internet connection.