Internship Opportunity

The Office of Consumer Affairs(OCA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce seeks interns. College level preferred; however, high school students will be considered.

The intern will assist with OCA's activities in helping consumers with marketplace issues, developing education and information materials for consumers, and special projects in such areas as electronic commerce, the Year 2000, and the like.

The ideal candidate will have excellent verbal and written communication skills, independent research ability, and be computer literate.

A minimum commitment of six weeks(full-time) or two months(part-time) is expected. The internship is unpaid.

To apply or for more information, contact:

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Office of Consumer Affairs
U.S. Department of Commerce
Room H5718
Washington,DC 20230
Phone: (202) 482-5001
Fax: (202) 482-6007
Consumer Response Line: (202) 482-8021
Web site:

The following documents (available on-line except where indicated) must be submitted and processed before the start of your internship. Remember to keep copies for your record.

* Available in hard copy only.