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National Air Transportation Association
4226 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22302
(703) 845-9000
before the
National Civil Aviation Review Commission
Washington D.C.
May 28, 1997

The National Air Transportation Association (NATA) represents the interest of aviation businesses nationwide. The Association’s nearly 2,000 member companies provide important aviation services to the airlines, military and business/corporate/ individual aircraft owners and operators. These include fueling, maintenance, aircraft storage, part and equipment sales, and flight instruction. In addition, many NATA members provide on-demand air charter and scheduled services under FAR Part 135.

Throughout the past 57 years, NATA has represented an industry that has grown to become a vital part of the American air transportation system. These small businesses employ over 35,000 individuals providing quality jobs and a safe workplace.

The following summary of the Association’s position was developed in conjunction with the members of NATA. It reflects the views of the Nation’s aviation businesses on the FAA, its funding sources, and associated safety and capital improvement programs.

Position Statement