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(Drafted 10/08/97)

Aviation Safety Public Hearing
October 6th, 1997
Rayburn House Office Building
Rm. 2167
9:30 am Opening Remarks

Panel 1:
Air Transport Association Al Prest Vice President, Operations
Alaskan Airlines Terry Clark Director, Flight Safety
Air Line Pilots Association David Haase Executive Central Air Safety Chair
Northwest Airlines Gary Clemmer Managing Director, Quality Assurance
Panel 2:
Collaborative Decision Making Team Rick Falcone Manager, Technical Operations, American Airlines
Chris Pear Manager, Flight Dispatch, United Airlines
Airline Dispatchers Federation William Leber Director, Legislative Affairs
(No organization affiliation) Gail Dunham, family member of United Airlines Flight # 585 accident victim
Panel 3:
Professional Airways Systems Specialists Michael Fanfalone President
Transportation Trades Dept. AFL-CIO Edward Wytkind Executive Director
Allied Pilots Association Mike Cronin Chairman, Legislative Affairs
Professional Pilots Federation Bert Yetman, President
Professional Aviation Maintenance. John Lewis, Operations Manager Association
Panel 4:
Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Bill Stewart Fire Training Captain, Working Group Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority
Aircraft Technical Publishers Carol Daniels, President and C.E.O.
(No organization affiliation) Captain R. Michael Baiada