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A word from Commission Chairman Norman Mineta:

Welcome to the web site of the National Civil Aviation ReviewCommission. Detailed elsewhere in this site is the legislative language from the 1996Federal Aviation Reauthorization Act that created the Commission. The legislation chargesthe National Civil Aviation Review Commission with considering future Federal AviationAdministration budget needs and appropriate financing mechanisms as well as suggestingproductivity and safety improvements. The Commission has established an aviation fundingtask force and an aviation safety task force to carry out the responsibilities of theCommission. The Commission is taking a broad look at how best to finance the aviationsystem in this country, looking at ways to improve the way FAA does its business; how toaccelerate user benefit programs; and how to provide the most equitable and efficient wayto fund the agency.

It is the commissioners’ hope, and that of Congress and the Administration, that aconsensus be found on these issues so that we can continue to improve the aviation systemin this great country. The task before us is truly critical to the future of aviation.

Without significant change, safety improvements will be delayed; the traveling publicwill see increasing delays and congestion; and the contribution of the aviation industryto the national economy will be decreased. To this end, the Commissioners are focused onreaching a clear and strong consensus on what to do.

We encourage your comments and suggestions regarding these matters, and hope you findthis web site informative. Our first public hearing on FAA financing was held on May 28th,1997. We will be holding another public hearing on the topic of aviation safety in thecoming months. Comments to the Commission can be e-mailed to Thank you for visiting theweb site of the National Civil Aviation Review Commission.

Best Regards,

Norman Mineta
National Civil Aviation Review Commission