UNT Libraries owns the intellectual property to, or has been given the authority to act as licensing agent, for film, video, photography, manuscripts and other archival materials within the following collections:

  • Byrd Williams Family Photography Collection
  • Junebug Clark Family Photography Collection
  • Bell Helicopter Collection
  • NBC 5/KXAS Collection

All requests for commercial and noncommercial use of materials, including, but not limited to print and digital publication, public exhibition, broadcast, motion picture and/or educational use should be submitted using this form.

You must be able to clearly identify the materials you wish to license in order to complete this form. If you have not yet identified the items or footage you wish to license, please contact the Special Collections department so that we may assist you.

In some instances it will be necessary to pay for the digitization of film or print materials prior to making a licensing request. To request digitization of Special Collections materials please use the Request for Digitization form. Digitization fees apply to most digitization requests.

You will be contacted by a member of the Special Collections department following submission of your request form and may be asked to provide additional information. The request will be reviewed by staff who will inform you of any licensing fees which may apply as well as the terms of our licensing agreement.  

Request Form

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required for successful submission of this form.  Additionally, you will be presented with a Captcha at the end of the form that tests to ensure you are not a SPAMbot.

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Please describe the content you wish to use in as much detail as possible. Not every field will apply to every request. We may contact you for additional information.

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