Dr. John Peters, one of the curators of this exhibit, will present a lecture describing the effects of the war on England and Europe, as well as discussing a few of the poems featured in the exhibit.

The lecture will be held:
February 23, 2017
UNT Willis Library Room 140
4pm - 5pm

This exhibit explores the work of many "soldier poets," from World War I, whose aesthetically rich and haunting verse often sits uncomfortably alongside popular ballads, songs and toasts that attempt to sustain, or gently mock, the romanticized ideals of heroic self-sacrifice for the nation's glory. In between these opposed perspectives we find responses to the war, both critical and laudatory, from poets who did not enlist, including women on the home front and those in active service as nurses. To set these perspectives in context, we include sections on visual images of war, particularly photography and poets' responses to this documentary technology, and retrospective collections that advocate for peace in the aftermath of the Great War and on the eve of World War II.


Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 4:00pm


Willis Library