Talking is something that is unique to humans, yet it still remains a mystery. Why Do We Talk? meets the scientists beginning to unlock the secrets of speech - including a father who is filming every second of his son's first three years in order to discover how we learn to talk, the autistic savant who can speak more than 20 languages, and the first scientist to identify a gene that makes speech possible. A discussion following the film will be led by Dr. Dina Kapetangianni.

Dr. Dina Kapetangianni is a former editor of LinguistList.  Dr. Kapetangianni has taught elementary and intermediate French courses here at UNT, and she currently teaches linguistics courses in the UNT Linguistics Program. Her research focuses on syntactic theory and comparative syntax, especially within the Chomskyan theory of Principles & Parameters and Minimalism. Her main interests are description and theoretical analysis of empirical phenomena that lie at the interface of syntax, morphology and semantics, as well as the development of morphological and syntactic features in child first language acquisition and L2 acquisition.

Linguistics In Motion is a joint effort of the Linguistics Program in the College of Information and the UNT Media Library. All films screenings are held in the Media Library, Chilton Hall Rm 111C. Each screening is followed by a guest lecturer.


Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 5:00pm


Media Library
Chilton Hall RM 111C