Tech Talks Presentation by Kurt Nordstrom, January 13, 2010


So you've got a Digital Collection full of delicious data. Excellent! Now you want to share that data with the world. Even more excellent! Even better, you want to let people outside of your organization search your data in a meaningful and structured fashion (such as a Federated Search system). Now just how in the heck are you going to do that?

Enter SRU and Opensearch. Two technologies that address the above problem. In this introduction to SRU and Opensearch technologies. We'll explore, compare and contrast. You'll be thrilled, awed, astounded, and you'll increase your technology jargon knowledge by at least two terms! We'll also show how the Portal to Texas History is leveraging these protocols to offer more services to our users.

Full Presentation

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What the Heck are SRU and Opensearch, and Why Should I Care? (PDF)

About the Author:  Developer Kurt Nordstrom resolves technical issues for the Portal to Texas History and the UNT Digital Library.