Tech Talks Presentation by Zhiqin (Neena) Weng, January 30, 2008


Implementation of an intranet can produce tangible advantages along with serious challenges.  A successful intranet is based on realistic scope, abundant killer applications, easy access, friendly interface, and effective search.  It should be supported with sufficient resources and on-going maintenance and training.  The Libraries will be conducting a needs assessment including a study of the potential benefits and the cost-benefit ratio for an intranet.

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Intranet:  To use, or not to use, that is the question (PowerPoint)

Some file types require special programs to use or view.  Here are links to several of the most common programs:

About the Author:   Librarian Zhiqin (Neena) Weng is the head of the UNT Libraries' Multimedia Development Lab .


Wednesday, January 30, 2008 - 12:00pm