Tech Talks Presentation by Frances May and Gayla Byerly, September 14, 2011


Most of the available knowledge about NetGen or Millenial students indicates that they are visual learners who get their information mostly from news media on television or the web. To capitalize on these trends, a method of teaching information literacy was developed combining Problem Based Learning techniques with a 3-minute news clip, housed on YouTube. Students were asked to list facts, define the problem, determine what other information they needed, and then shown how to find books and articles on the topic. They were then asked to propose a solution based on what they had learned.

Incorporating visual media into an information literacy instruction session will help students of any age to be better informed and more critical information consumers.


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Information Literacy and YouTube (PowerPoint)

About the Authors:  Frances May and Gayla Byerly are Workshop and Instruction Assessment Coordinators in the Public Services Division of the UNT Libraries.