Tech Talk coordinated by Nancy Reis and presented by Kristin Boyett, Erica Kaufman, and Chris Cunningham, July 23, 2008.

This week, we discuss geeky fun and how technology can enhance our information activities. We have two Tech Talks for the price of one.

Online Gaming and Fantasy Worlds

Speaking Notes by presenter Kristin Boyett.

There are a number of free, browser-based games with varying degrees of involvement required:
These are both similar to Civilization- or Rise of Empires-style games where you develop towns and industry, repel invaders, and raid your neighbors.
These are character-based development games where you guide a single person's journey through life.
In this you take on the role of a pirate and complete pirate tasks such as sailing, bilging, fighting, and shipbuilding through the use of small min-games.

GPS Units and Geocaching

Erica Kaufman of Government Documents and Chris Cunningham of Circulation show us how they use GPS units for their geocaching hobby. 

About the Presenters: 
- Librarian Kristin Boyett is the project manager for the UNT Libraries' Multi-Media Development Lab.
Erica Kaufman is Library Specialist, Government Documents, UNT Libraries.
Chris Cunninghamis Library Specialist, Circulation department, UNT Libraries.