Speaking Notes from a Tech Talks Presentation by Mark Phillips, September 7, 2005

Google Labs Homepage

  • A great place to see what is going on with the world of Google--what they are working on and what is to come.

Google Suggest

  • Get suggestions for the searches you are doing.

Google Sets

  • Get a list of other things that fit into a "set" with your topic.
    • Try: Oklahoma State, University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City University.

Google Maps

Google Searching

  • Site: - By typing site:www.library.unt.edu you will be doing a search only on that domain. site:.edu will also work to search only in .edu sites
  • Calculator: - Great for doing conversions (256 kb to KB) (1998 in roman numerals)(5 kilometers in miles) (CXCVIII in arabic)
  • Currency Conversion: - (5 dollars in swiss money) (3.5 USD in GBP)
  • Definitions: "define digital" or "define supercalifragilisticexpialidocious"
  • File Types: - "CRS Report for Congress filetype:pdf"
  • Weather: "weather phoenix, az"
  • Link: - "link:digital.library.unt.edu/govdocs/crs"

Google Moon

About the Author:  Librarian Mark Phillips is head of the UNT Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.