Speaking Notes from a Tech Talks Presentation by Daniel Gelaw Alemneh, April 21, 2010

March 2010 marked the fifth anniversary of Tech Talks at the UNT Libraries.  We celebrated by reflecting on previous Tech Talks and discussing future directions for technology in libraries.  In addition, Daniel Alemneh presented a number of facts about Tech Talks:

Tech Talks Goals and Accomplishments

From its beginnings in March 2005, the primary goal of Tech Talks has had been to provide a comfortable, informal setting for UNT Libraries' staff to learn about new technologies and discuss possible implementations at UNT. The Digital Projects Unit coordinates the Tech Talks presentations with help from other persons knowledgeable in the topics being discussed.  Tech Talks are held in the Digital Projects Lab (Willis Room No. 370) mostly on Wednesdays from 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m.

As the reputation of the Tech Talk has grown, the number of unsolicited topics has been increasing.




No. By Year No. of Talks Remarks
 1 2005  12  The first year
 2 2006  07  
 3 2007  12  
 4 2008  18  The highest no. of talks per year
 5 2009  07  
 6 2010  04  Just the first quarter of the year
  Total  60  


 Table-1: Number of Talks by Year


To date, 60 talks have been delivered by 24 different speakers. The speakers notes and/or presentations are archived and can be accessed via the Digital Projects Web pages. The contents are organized by  Year (see Table-1), by Subject (Table-2), and by Speaker (Table-3).




No. By Subject No. of Talks Remarks
 1 Books  02  
 2 Inhouse Activities and Projects  10  
 3 Media  01  
 4 Metadata  08  
 5 Music  01  
 6 Photography and Digitization  07  
 7 Searching  05  
 8 Security  03  
 9 Social Networking  13  
 10 Software and Tools  23  
 11 Worldwide Web  26  *
 12 Everything Else  02  



Table-2: Number of Talks by Subject Categories.



No. By Speaker No. of Talks Remarks
 1 12 speakers 1 talk Andrew, Brandon, Chris, Erica, Garret, Hannah, Judy, Lauren, Lilly, Stanton, Starr, and Valerie
 2 4 speakers  2 talks Ann, Krysta, Nathan, and Neena
 3 1 speaker  3 talks Jeremy
 4 1 speaker  4 talks Shaun
 5 3 speakers  5 talks Kurt, Kristin, and Nancy
 6 1 speaker  6 talks Daniel
 7 1 speaker   9 talks Will
 8 1 speaker  10talks Mark
  Total 24 speakers  gave 60 talks  

The actual total is 68, (due to collaborative talks)


Table-3: Number of Talks by Speakers. 


Final thoughts


The Tech Talks program owes any success it has achieved to a great many people here at the UNT Libraries.  With your continued support and participation, Tech Talks will continue to flourish and serve the UNT Libraries' community and beyond.


About the Author:  Daniel Gelaw Alemneh is a metadata librarian for the UNT Libraries' Digital Projects Unit.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 12:00pm