Speaking Notes from a Tech Talks Presentation by Shaun Seibel, March 12, 2008

A simple definition of wiki is a Web site that is editable by anyone. This Tech Talk discusses some of the more advanced aspects of the wiki including:

  • Why Use the Wiki?
  • New home for the Shared Directory and/or Departmental Drives
  • Workgroup/Committee webpages (agendas and minutes)
  • Personal Library Webspace/Homepage
  • Resources links for class pages/subject guides
  • Training manuals/Orientation for new staff/student
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Brainstorming/Note taking
  • Policies/Initiatives
  • Wiki and Web 2.0
The wiki environment is one of many Web 2.0 technologies that allow users to create, edit, and collaborate through linkable Web pages.
  • Following Web 2.0 Protocol (titling pages, etc.).

  • HTML Coding in Wiki/Show n'Tell
  • Creating Templates
  • Creating Tables
  • Font Size
  • Font Color
  • Alternate Table of Contents

In addition, some of the lesser known traits will be analyzed:

  • Wiki-Phobia
  • The wiki forgives you:  how to correct mistakes
  • Clean up your wiki:  organization
  • Show and tell:  examples of wiki markup

We'll also talk about possible futures for the wiki.

About the Author:  Shaun Seibel is Library Specialist, Research Park, UNT Libraries.