The Digital Collections permanently store and provide searchable online access to digitized text, images, sound, and video selected from the Libraries, the University, and our partners around the state.

The Portal to Texas History

This gateway to Texas history materials contains unique collections from Texas libraries, museums, archives, historical and genealogical societies, and private family collections.  The Portal features digital reproductions of photographs, maps, letters, documents, books, artifacts, newspapers, and more.  In addition, the Portal's Resources4Educators  pages provide relevant materials for students and classroom teachers. To learn more about the Portal's contents, please explore by collections.

UNT Digital Library

The UNT Digital Library is home to materials from the University’s research, creative, and scholarly activities, and it also showcases content from the UNT Libraries' collections.  Materials include theses and dissertations, artwork, performances, musical scores, journals, government documents, rare books, historical posters, the CyberCemetery of defunct government agency web sites, and much, much more. To learn more about the Digital Library's contents, please explore by collections.

UNT Scholarly Works

UNT Scholarly Works is a special collection of items contributed by the UNT Community and hosted in the UNT Digital Library. This collection brings together articles, papers, presentations, books, chapters, reviews, academic posters, artwork, and other scholarly and creative works and makes them readily accessible to showcase UNT's research and creative achievements to a worldwide audience. The UNT Scholarly Works collection also serves as the open access repository for UNT. For more information on open access services and initiatives, please visit our Open Access @ UNT website.


About the Scholarly Works