The Copyright Librarian can assist faculty, students, staff and community members understand the issues related to copyright, modifying author agreements to maintain copyright, licensing, and other intellectual property issues. Our services include individual consultations, small-group workshops, and presentations on a variety of subjects.

  • Individual Consultations: Consult with the Copyright Services Librarian to better understand copyright issues related to your teaching, research, or scholarship, determining fair use or public domain status, and more.
  • Workshops: Workshops can be arranged for the UNT community on topics such as basic copyright law, understanding fair use and other exceptions, retaining your rights as an author, and many other topics. Workshops can be designed for a broader audience or specifically tailored to an academic department.
  • Class Presentations: Class presentations can educate students on issues such as copyright infringement, using the fair use exception, locating public domain or creative commons materials to use in works, and the intersection of copyright, plagiarism and academic integrity issues.

For any of the services above, please contact us at For more information about copyright law, see our guide and follow our blog